How to Find and Use MiWAM Login

The Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) Login

Michigan’s Unemployment insurance program provides temporary income to workers who have lost their due to certain reasons without their own fault. Although the scheme is implemented through unemployment taxes paid by employers.

Miwam offers a layout of sufficient online services to all unemployed workers and employers. One can easily login into the online account service and use the facility. To learn how to login must check the tips beneath.

What is Miwam? has developed the Miwam portal. The online portal is also known as the Talent Investment Agency Unemployment Insurance. It has created the web account manager system for the employees as well as workers. If you are authorized to access the Miwam Web Account Manager you can sign in using your credentials.

Well, you might require some other things to sign in. We have listed the other requirements for signing into Miwam. There are options to log in for workers or employers.

What do I require to Sign In?

  • Internet– The user is required to have an active internet for account login.
  • Credentials– One needs to have a working account sign-in credentials that include id and password.
  • Private Device– We recommend that you use a private device for signing in.
  • Electronic Device– An electronic device such as smartphone, computer or laptop is necessary for signing in.

How to Login into Miwam Account


How to register Uia Login Account

For already registered users

  • Any user who has already registered needs to open the URL here.
  • Below there is a section labeled ‘e-Registration’.
  • Enter the FEIN and Confirmation code in the boxes and click ‘Start Registration’ button.


How to search for work on Miwam?

Visit the site and download the pdf in which all your work-related details will be mentioned.

Before claiming for UI benefits you must know the following.

  1. You need to check out all the rules and regulations.
  2.  Must be unemployed.
  3. You must have all proof-related documents required for a legal claim.

There is an option for both the employers and workers you can select your position and avail the service.

To know about tools and resources read the list below.

  • Visit the webpage of Miwam.
  • Proceed towards the above right section.
  • Select the bar icon “tools and resources”.
  • On the new page you will get a detailed list about your queries.

How to Apply for the LEO Miwam Account

  • In order to apply for a Miwam account you need to open the Michigan Web Account management website.
  • You can also apply through phone by calling on 1-866-500-0017.

Miwam Support

Call on 1-866-5000017.

Miwam Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Michigan UIA employer number?

The UIA employer number packs of a seven digit account number and a three digit location multi-unit number.

 What is the official website to log into my Michigan unemployment Account?

In order to sign into my Michigan unemployment Account you need to visit Once you are on the website you can sign in using your login credentials.

What is the Miwam Employer?

The Miwam employer is a system where the user can file reports, pay taxes, submit inquiries, update their unemployment taxes, view statements and much more.

Where I can access the Miwam employer website?

You can use any electronic device such as a smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet to view the Miwam employer portal.



At the verdict one can find a complete guide to the Miwam Account Login here. Well, we think we have provided detailed information on the Miwam. We hope that you have a nice time accessing account.


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