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Walmart Money Card Login Guide

Do you have the Walmart Money Card? If yes then you can sign into your prepaid card account. The Walmart Money Card is a reloadable prepaid card that can be used for a variety of purposes at Walmart stores as well as other destinations. The account login portal has been developed by the prepaid card provider for its cardholders. Once logged in you can swiftly manage your account at Walmart Money Card anytime and anywhere.

The Walmart Money Card or the Walmart Card is a prepaid card that can be easily reloaded from time to time. The card proves to be a good value to customers who dedicatedly shop at Walmart stores. The prepaid card is backed by the Green Dot Bank and is loaded with exciting features for its customers. Read on to find a guide to the Walmart Money Card Login here.

What is the Walmart Money Card Login

If you have already logged in before then you must be aware of the features of the Walmart Money Card login portal. However, if you are a first-time user then you need to know an overview of the login portal. The prepaid card issuer has developed a login platform for its cardholders. If you are a Walmart Money card customer, you could find the login portal a cozy place.

Once logged in the cardholder can gain complete access to their finances. You can view past transaction details, register for updates, reload cards, view available balances, and much more.

Benefits of the Walmart Money Card

The Walmart Money Card comes with quite a few benefits. Here is a list of benefits offered by the prepaid card.

  • The $5 monthly fee charged by the money card can be waived.
  • You are not charged a cancellation fee or inactivity fee.
  • There is a free one-time purchase in person or online.
  • With the card, you get online bill payments and online account management facilities.
  • One can enjoy $75 in cashback rewards a year.
  • The card has ease of usage at the Murphy USA and Walmart Fuel stations.
  • Using the Walmart Money Card at Walmart partner locations you could earn a 3% cashback.

What do I need to Log in My Walmart MoneyCard Account

To sign in to Walmart Money Card you need to have some things. Here is what you need to log in:

Active account– The user should have enrolled in online account management.

Login Credentials– You must have the ability to recall your login credentials.

Internet– An active internet is required to sign in to an account. You must check the internet connection before logging in.

How to Log into Walmart Money Card Account

  • If you wish to sign into Walmart Money Card open the login homepage.
  • As the page opens you will see a login widget labeled ‘Log into your online account’.

Walmart MoneyCard LogIn

  • Enter the Online User ID and Password in the white spaces and click ‘Login’.

Recover Walmart MoneyCardUser ID

  • In case you lost your user id open the login homepage.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the login section and there is the ‘Forgot User ID link.
  • Click on it and you will be taken to the forgot user id page.
  • Enter the following information to recover the id:
  1. Social security number
  2. 16-digit card number
  3. CVV
  • Click ‘Submit’ and you will be taken to the next page.

Recover Walmart MoneyCard Password

  • Users who have forgotten their password must open the login homepage.
  • At the bottom of the login widget, there is the ‘Forgot Password’ link.
  • The link is just below the ‘Forgot User ID link.
  • Click on it and you will find a ‘Forgot Password’ section.
  • Enter the following information to reset your password:
  1. Social security number
  2. 16-digit card number
  3. CVV
  • Click ‘Submit’ and you will be taken to the next page.

How to Create a Walmart MoneyCard Online Account

  • To create an account online one needs to visit the login page.
  • At the bottom of the webpage, there is the ‘Create an online account’ section.

Walmart MoneyCard Log In

  • Click on the ‘Create Online Account’ button to begin.
  • Enter the 16 digits Walmart Money Card number in the white spaces and click ‘Next’.


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Walmart Money Card Activation

In this section, we will discuss the activation process of your Walmart Money Card. Follow the stepwise instructions given below to activate your card effectively:

  • The first step is to visit this link:
  • At the center of your screen, you will find the option to activate your card.
  • The next step is to enter the following details in the right boxes:
  1. 16-digit card number
  2. Expiration Date
  3. CVV
  • After entering the details correctly, please tap on the “Next” button.
  • Follow the steps further and you will successfully activate your Walmart Money Card.

Walmart Money Card Activation

Walmart MoneyCard Mobile App

You can access all account features such as making transactions, checking balances, and much more using the mobile application of Walmart MoneyCard.

You can download the Walmart MoneyCard Mobile Application for both Android as well as iOS devices  using the below given URL:

For Android users:

For iOS users:

Walmart Money Card Customer Service

If you have any issue with your Walmart Money Card Online Account, you can always connect with their help desk.

General Customer Service Number: (877) 937-4098.      

How to Reload Walmart Money Card

You can add money to your Walmart Card through four different methods. Here we have discussed all the methods for adding money to your Walmart Card.

Deposit Cash

  • You can deposit cash into your Walmart Money Card account using the application. Once you have signed into the Money Card app you need to click the ‘Deposit Checks’ tab and follow the prompts.
  • The user can also deposit cash using a participating Walmart retail store. Simply visit a Walmart store and reload it at the counter using cash.
  • Use Walmart Rapid Reload to add money to your Walmart Money Card. It lets you deposit cash just after 10 minutes of deposit.

Direct Deposit

  • You can use the direct deposit feature in order to get your tax refunds directly deposited to your Walmart Money Card account.
  • For getting started with direct deposit you need to have your routing number and direct deposit account and log in.
  • You can also send a text ‘DD’ to 37267 and get enrolled into direct deposit using fast carrier message.

Deposit Checks

  • One can deposit checks using your smartphone through the direct deposit feature.
  • There are some checks that you can deposit via the Green Dot app.
  • The checks must be payable to Walmart Money and not to you or self.
  • Checks that are to be deposited into Walmart Money Card must be only payable only to Walmart Money.

Bank Transfer

  • Add money into your Walmart Money Card account using bank transfer. It takes about 3 business days for a bank transfer to post into your Walmart Money Card account.
  • You can also link another bank to your Walmart Money Card account by logging in. Select ‘Add & Send Money’ tab on the account console then navigate to ‘Deposit’ tab. Choose the bank you want to link and you are ready to go.


Walmart Money Card Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Walmart Money Card withdrawal limit?

On a single day, a user can withdraw a maximum amount of $500 using their Walmart Money Card in an ATM whereas $3000 is the maximum daily spending limit.

What is the Walmart Money Card Activation number?

To activate your Walmart Money Card, you can call on this number: 866-946-2510 and follow the steps that will be asked.

How to the check balance on my Walmart Money Card?

You can send the message “BAL 1234” (1234 is an example where you have to enter the last 4 digits of your card) on the number 96411 to check the balance of your Walmart Money Card.

How to Open an Account at Walmart Money Card

  • To open account you need to open the Walmart Money Card webpage.
  • Now look on the screen and there is a button tagged ‘Open an Account’.
  • Click on it and you will be taken further to the account enrollment page.
  • On the new screen there is an enrollment form.
  • Provide the following information in the respective spaces:
  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Address
  4. Mobile number
  5. Email
  6. Social security number
  7. Date of birth
  • Check the boxes below to agree to the terms there.
  • Tap on ‘Continue’ button below and follow prompts to complete account opening.



The Walmart Money Card account login procedure has been explained in the post above. You can have a nice time logging in and access account. Well, this was all we could provide on the login process.

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