www.hsbc.co.uk/activatecard – Guide to Activate your HSBC Credit Card Online

How to Activate your HSBC Credit Card:

HSBC is a multinational finance company and the second-largest bank in Europe. It was first established on 3rd March 1865 by Sir Thomas Sutherland. HSBC has offices in 64 countries with serves more than 40 million customers. It has more than 3,900 offices around the world. They offer a credit card with low APRs, rewards, and other benefits. It is a British Banking institution that originated in Hong Kong. In this guide, we will provide you with the easy method of HSBC of credit card activation using your phone and internet service.

Benefits of HSBC Credit Card:

  • In the first year of HSBC’s credit card, you will be able to enjoy many competitive rewards.
  • You also get cell phone protection on your card.
  • By using HSBC advance MasterCard you get complimentary shop runner membership.
  • Customers will get 10% off at one fine stay program.
  • Customers will also be benefited from the discount on post mates activities.
  • You will receive US.$ 1 million in travel accident insurance.
  • You will also get discounts on priceless golf.
  • The HSBC credit card also provides you rental car accident coverage.
  • It has a contactless payment method.
  • The HSBC MasterCard has an id theft protection program that secures your online account.

Application for HSBC Credit Card net banking:

If you are looking for the HSBC credit card application process then read the steps given below –

  • Open a secure web browser and paste the URL: www.hsbc.com.hk to visit the official website of HSBC bank.
  • On the HSBC banking page click on the “log on” button highlighted in red color.
  • Then click on the option “Register for personal Internet banking”.


hsbc credit card register


  • You will be redirected to the banking page where you need to choose the credit card option under the account type section.
  • On the next page read all the terms and conditions carefully and press the continue button.
  • Then type your 16 digit credit card number to verify your identity.
  • Then set up your login credentials by creating a user name and strong password for your account.
  • Choose the security question to secure your online account and press the confirm button to complete the registration process.

Activation guide for HSBC Credit Card?

  • To activate your HSBC credit card copy and paste the link www.hsbc.co.uk/activatecard in your address bar.
  • You will be taken to a new web page.
  • Then click on Logon to Online banking button.


hsbc credit card activate


  • Then enter your account password and tick mark the “remember me” box to save your login information. Skip this step if you are using a public system.
  • Tab the login button to reach your account dashboard.
  • Choose the card you want to activate and then click on the continue button.
  • Input your 16 digit credit card number, expiration date, last 4 digits of your social security number, and date of birth in the provided space.
  • Once you have provided all these details review your information and press the activate button to activate your HSBC card immediately.

How to Activate your HSBC Card using your phone?

If you find the online method time-consuming and much difficult then you can simply dial the toll-free number 1-866-573-4722 to activate your card. You need to provide the answers to a few questions to verify your identity as the primary cardholder. So keep all the documents ready with you.

How to activate your HSBC card at ATM?

  • Visit your nearby HSBC ATM.
  • You need to swipe your card in the ATM.
  • Then choose the card activation option from your screen.
  • Enter your card number carefully and follow the instructions to activate your HSBC card.

Login process of HSBC Credit Card Online Account:

After activating an HSBC card follow these simple steps to log in to your online account.

  • Go to the official website of HSBC Bank by using the URL given in the above section.
  • On the web portal of HSBC Bank click on the login button.
  • You will be asked to type your user name and password in the login area.
  • Kindly type your security code carefully to avoid any login issue and then click on the login option.

How to reset your HSBC password?

  • Open the HSBC credit card website and scroll to the top right corner of the web page. Press the log-on button.
  • Click on the link “forgot your user name”.
  • On the next page, you will notice 3 numbers to retrieve your user name.
  • In the same manner, click on the “Reset your password option” and press the continue button.
  • Type your new password and confirm your password.
  • Press the continue button again. Your request to reset your password will be submitted along with the confirmation code.

Contact HSBC:

Personal Banking: 800-975-4722

Lost /stolen cards: 800-462-1874

HSBC customer service address:


P.O. Box 2013

Buffalo, NY 14240



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