www.wellsfargo.com – How to Apply Wells Fargo Credit Card Online

The activation process of Wells Fargo Credit Card:

Wells Fargo is a multinational company in America that offers financial services. It is headquartered in California. The Wells Fargo Company was founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo in the year 1929. The Wells Fargo Bank has 5,200 branches and 13,000 ATMs in 35 countries. It has more than 70 million customers throughout the world. More than 258,700 employees work under the Wells Fargo Bank. This article is going to explain to you how you can use the Wells Fargo online banking account for enjoying all the benefits provided by Wells Fargo. Here we have explained the login, sign up and another process that you can perform on the online website of Wells Fargo Bank.

How to apply for a Wells Fargo credit card?

  • At first type the URL: www.wellsfargo.com in your web browser and press the enter key.
  • Then go to the Find a credit card option.
  • On the next page choose the three types of cards and select your desired one.
  • After choosing your desired card click on the apply now button.


wells fargo credit card apply


  • On the next page fill up the application form by providing all the details asked by the Wells Fargo credit card portal.
  • Click on the acknowledgment box and press the submit button.
  • You will receive the credit card after the verification of your account details.

Different methods of Activating your Wells Fargo Credit Card:

After a successful application, you will receive the Wells Fargo credit card within a few days. Now you need to activate the card in order to use it for the online transaction.

Online activation method:

This is the simplest and easier method to activate your Wells Fargo credit care. Follow the guidelines given below to activate your credit card.

  • Open a new tab and type the URL: wellsfargo.com/activatecard in your address bar.
  • After landing on the official web page of Wells Fargo scroll to the login area.
  • Enter your Wells Fargo credit card account user id and password to sign in to your online account.
  • After signing in go to the dashboard and provide your new credit card number and id.
  • Once you have entered the required information click on the activate button.

Activate via phone call:

If you don’t like to activate your card using the online method you can follow the given steps to activate your card via phone call.

  • Dial the number 1-877-294-6933 to connect with the customer care representative.
  • You need to provide your credit card number, your id, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • Listen carefully and follow the instructions provided by the representative to activate your card.

Activate card through ATM:

You can also visit your nearest Wells Fargo ATM to activate your card. All you need to do is enter your personal identification number for your card and your card will get activated.

So this is the simple process of Wells Fargo credit card activation which you can perform easily according to your conventions.

Steps to login to Wells Fargo online banking account:

Online banking provides you the ability to access your account quickly from anywhere. You don’t need to visit a physical branch. All you need to do is create an online account and log in to it to check your account balance, for paying online bills, fund transfers, and much more. Follow the steps given below to login into your Wells Fargo online account

  • Open a new tab and type the URL: www.wellsfargo.com.
  • After reaching the banking portal you will notice the Wells Fargo login area on the left side of your screen.
  • Type your user name and password in the given field and click on the same user name option if you are using your personal device.
  • Press the sign-on tab to access your account.

 Login steps for the small business account:

  • Open the URL: www.wellsfargo.com
  • Click on the small business link placed below the Wells Fargo logo.
  • Now enter your user name and password associated with your Wells Fargo small business account.
  • You don’t need to click on the save user name option if you are not using your personal device.
  • Click on the sign-on button to access your Wells Fargo business account. 

Steps to login to Wells Fargo commercial account:

  • Visit the Wells Fargo banking portal by browsing the URL given in the above section.
  • Click on the commercial link from the left side of the web page.
  • You need to press the sign-on tab highlighted in blue color.
  • In the login, area input your company id, your user id, and your account password in the blank field and click on the sign-in option to access your commercial account.

The enrollment process for Wells Fargo online banking:

To open an online account associated with Wells Fargo Bank you need to read the instruction and follow the process explained below.

  • To begin the enrollment process type the URL: www.wellsfargo.com in your address bar which will redirect you to the Wells Fargo home page.
  • Find the enroll button located on the top menu of the web page and click on it.
  • You will be redirected to the enrollment page where you need to add your social security number and your date of birth in the provided space.
  • If you don’t have a social security number please click on the option “I don’t have this number”.
  • Type your account number or debit card number in the next line and press the continue button.
  • Now you need to follow the instruction given by the Wells Fargo banking portal to complete the registration process.

Steps to recover your Wells Fargo online account login credentials:

In case you forgot your Wells Fargo online account user name or password you can retrieve the information very easily by following the steps shared below –

  • Browse the Wells Fargo login page and scroll to the login area.
  • Click on the forgot password or user name link placed below the sign-in tab.
  • You will be taken to a new page where you will get two options, one for creating a new password and another option for finding your user name.
  • To create a new password click on the “create new password” link.
  • On the next page type your user name or social security number for identification purposes.
  • Press the continue button and follow the onscreen instructions for creating a new password for your account.
  • If you want to retrieve your user name click on the find user name link.
  • On the new page add your social security number and your account password in the respective boxes.
  • Hit the continue button and complete the remaining process to recover your user name.

Wells Fargo rewards login:

  • Access the link www.wellsfargo.com for visiting the Wells Fargo rewords portal.
  • After visiting the web portal click on the sign-on button located on the top of the page.
  • Under the sign-in area enter your user name and password associated with your Wells Fargo account and then click on the sign-in button to access your online account.

Locate your Wells Fargo nearest branch:

  • Type the URL:www.wellsfargo.com
  • After landing on the banking portal click on the ATMs/locations from the top menu.
  • Then enter your location in the empty space.
  • You can also use the options provided beside the search column to narrow down your search.
  • Finally, click on the search button to locate your nearest branch or ATM.

Contact details of Wells Fargo Bank:

Customer support: 800-869-3557

Credit cardholders: 800-642-4720

Credit card activation: 877-294-6933

Wells Fargo online: 800-956-4442

Small business customer: 800-225-5935




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