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MTVH Staff Portal Login

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) was founded way back in February 1966. It is one of the biggest housing associations in the United Kingdom. The company manages & develops homes for over 80,000 people across London and the South East. Presently, the amalgamated housing association aims to build almost 2,000 new homes per year.

In the year 2018, Metropolitan Thames Valley was incorporated from the merging of Metropolitan Housing Trust and Thames Valley Housing Association. MTVH is a non-profit housing association that reinvests its surplus into building more homes and improving the lives of its clients. The company primarily focuses on building more homes and helping even more people to have a shelter they can call home.

What is MTVH Staff Portal?

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) employee portal is an online platform that enables the employees of MTVH to communicate with each other, access their records, and request services. The web-based portal has been developed to help the organization keep track of its employee’s activities and improve communication between departments.

The MTVH Staff Portal currently includes a few new sections, where employees can keep themselves up to date with the latest notifications from Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH), as well as a range of other features like an events calendar, document library, and staff directory.

The online portal also consists of a variety of online tools & services that MTVH employees can use to do their office job, like the customer satisfaction survey tool, housing management system, and maintenance reporting system.

This article will guide you to understand how to utilize the different features of the web portal, MTVH Staff Portal Log In Guide, along with support center details.


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Benefits of MTVH Staff Portal Account

If you are thinking of joining the organization or a member of staff at MTVH, then please make sure to check out the MTVH Staff Portal.

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) provides several advantages of having a portal for staff that includes:

  • Smooth access to all the data & resources employees require in a single click
  • Easy access to online tools & services that make MTVH employees stress-free to do their job
  • The portal allows to connect with other staff members & share job-related knowledge
  • A centralized platform for announcements and notifications from MTVH 

MTVH Staff Portal Login Process

The MTVH Staff Portal can be accessed through an internet-enabled device for employees of Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing. Utilizing this platform MTVH employees can avail a centralized location for them to access all the data and resources they require to do their job.

As a member of MTVH staff, you can easily Log In to the employee portal by following these simple steps below:

  • First of all, visit the official MTVH at 
  • Here on the home page, click on the “SIGN IN” link on the top right side of the webpage, or directly go to page.


MTVH Staff Portal Login page


  • Now on the nest page, under the “Sign In to MTVH Online” head, enter your “E-mail Address” and “Password” in the blank field.


MTVH Staff Portal Login


  • And lastly, by tapping on the “SIGN IN” button below, you can easily access your Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) employee’s portal.

Please Note: If you are facing any problems related to your Metropolitan Employee Portal Account LOG IN or accessing any online features, you can directly call the MTVH Help Desk at 020 -3535 -3535 (Option 3, Mon to Fri). 

How to Reset your MTVH Staff Portal Login Password

If you have somehow lost or forgotten your MTVH Staff Portal Log In password, then you can simply reset it by following these steps:

  • Primarily, move on to MTVH Employee Log In webpage
  • Here just click on the “Forgot Password” link just below the LOG IN form.


MTVH Staff Portal Login forgot password page


  • Then on the next page, choose a method to regain access to MTVH Online options between “Text Message” or “E-mail”.
  • If you have chosen “Text Massage” then you have to put down the “Mobile Number” you have used with MTVH Online. And tap on the button below “Text Me an Access Code” and follow the link guidelines. Please Note: In any condition, if you can’t remember the “Mobile Number” or it has changed, please choose the option “E-mail”.
  • Or Else, if you have selected the “E-mail” option, then you have to put down the “E-mail Address” you used with MTVH Online. And now by tapping on the button below “E-mail Me an Access Code” and follow the link guidelines to choose a new password.

MTVH Staff Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Q: How to Check Your E-mail on the Online MTVH Employee Portal?

A: On the MTVH Employee Portal, if you wish to check your E-mail, you will require to LOG IN to the portal and then tap on the “E-mail” option in the top MENU. This will redirect you to your E-mail inbox in a new window.

2. Q: How to find a Staff Member’s Contact Details?

A: To find an employee member’s contact details, you will require to LOG IN to the platform and then tap on the option “Staff Directory” in the top MENU. This will redirect you to the staff directory, where you can search for an “Employee Member” by their name or job role.

3. Q: How to Submit an MTVH Maintenance Request?

You can easily “SUBMIT” a maintenance request by Signing into the online platform and tapping on the “Maintenance Reporting” link under the “Housing Management” head. This will readdress to the “Maintenance Reporting Form”, which you will require to fill out and “Submit”.

Contact Details

Metropolitan Thames Valley (Headquarters Address):

100 High St, London, Greater London,

N14 6PW, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 -20 -3535 -3535

Write to MTVH:

Metropolitan Thames Valley,

Waterfront House, Technology Drive,

Beeston, NG9 1LA

For more Office Locations, please visit at:

Phone Number

MTVH Help Desk (Call): 020 -3535 -3535 (Option 3, Mon to Fri) (If you are having Login / Registration problems) or E-mail at:

If your Home is managed by Metropolitan (Call): 0203 -535 -3535 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm)

If your Home is managed by Thames Valley Housing (Call): 0300 -456 -2929 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm)

For more contact details, please visit at:

Reference Link

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Official Website:

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