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Universal Enrollment Platform for New Jersey Bio Applicant

Making payment for New Jersey Bio applicant is easy now. Online payment with recognized gateways (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and e-check) has been introduced to make the payment for your appointment easier. This digital method has been a convenient approach for the numerous appointments that tend to get canceled just because of untimely payment. IdentoGO, as the name of the portal, goes is also responsible for providing the information and instructions related to New Jersey fingerprinting appointments.

A brief outline on Universal Enrolment Platform- IndentoGO

This newly improvised Universal Enrolment Platform expects to deliver the highest level of receptiveness in tune with the urgency of modern times. The sophisticated programming would enable the applicant as well as the employer for hassle-free registration, identification, and appointment. It is worth mentioning that Fingerprinting Services were introduced for various security and identification reasons for employment, verification, licensing, adoption and many other purposes requiring mandatory criminal background checks either by law or by prospective employers.

Things you require during application and appointment

In this case, New Jersey Bio Application serves the purpose of both employee verification as well as law verification by state.  Therefore, to apply, you must have:

  • Universal Fingerprint Form – To apply, you must obtain, Universal Fingerprint Form from your employer or organization or state agency who has asked you to get fingerprinted. The form must contain the name, address (residential/employment), height weight and date of birth of the application along with an attached photograph. The application would be considered void without form.
  • Identification proof– At the time of fingerprinting, carry anyone valid identification proof issued or recognized by the Federal, State, Municipal or Country entity. Identification proofs include valid U.S. Passport, valid U.S. Non Driving/Driving Licence, USCIS Employment Authorization Card(authorized after 10-31-2010) or USCIS Permanent Resident Identification Card(authorized after 5-10-2010)
  • Payment- Applicant’s payment card must be eligible for net banking or online transaction with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. Else you must have an online wallet on e-check. These are the payment methods accepted for submitting application fees.

Applying for Bio Identification date online

After obtaining the Universal Fingerprint Form, you need to apply for scheduling your appointment for fingerprinting. Follow these steps to book your date ASAP!

  • Open the browser and visit nj.ibtfingerprint.com.
  • Under the New Appointment column (left), click on Start Here.

IdentoGO New Jersey Registration

  • Refer to your Universal Fingerprint Form to enter the information. Fill up the data like originating agency number, contributor’s case number, category, etc. as given on the form. The form must have all the information. Make sure to check if the form is filled duly before applying.
  • Next, enter the personal credentials like full name, age, full address, height, and weight.
  • Keep on filling up as per the instructions.
  • Make the payment for an appointment with the above-mentioned payment method.
  • Finally, schedule your appointment by selecting the date and time.
  • Confirm your appointment.

You will be provided with the Applicant ID as proof of your confirmation.

Print the Applicant ID. You need to produce it at the time of fingerprinting along with the form.

How to reschedule an appointment

In case, you are occupied or have mistakenly set a date and unable to attend the on the particular date, there is always an op0tion to reschedule. You can always change the date at your confidence from the same portal itself. However, after confirming your appointment, you will get a deadline to change your appointment date. You must reschedule within that said date and time. Post expiry of the deadline, no such request could be entertained and you need to cancel the appointment. To reschedule, you must:

  • Open the browser and visit nj.ibtfingerprint.com.
  • Under Change Scheduled Enrolment, type your Applicant ID.
  • Enter your Last Name.
  • Put your Date of Birth in mm/dd/yyyy
  • Click on Continue.
  • Follow the verification as per the instruction.
  • Choose your new date and time for your appointment.
  • Confirm the date.

Your request for rescheduling your appointment will be successfully granted.

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Additional information on New Jersey Bio Applicant

  • To cancel a scheduled appointment, dial the number 1-877-503-5981. Cancellation must be commenced within 5:00 noon EST on the business day before the date of appointment. In case of any public holiday before the day of the appointment, cancellation must be commenced the day before the holiday.\. You can also cancel the appointment, in case, you missed the date of rescheduling and initiate a fresh application.
  • Failure to bring the Universal Fingerprint Form would force the authority to turn away the user.
  • If an appointment is missed without any prior notice, a charge of $10 will be deducted from the application fee as a processing fee before refund.
  • The form should be issued only by the organization, employer or authority who have requested for your fingerprint.
  • The fingerprint process takes just 10 minutes.

The helpline of New Jersey Fingerprinting Services

In case, you are facing any issue or have questions regarding the appointment, methodologies or other inquiries dial 1-877-503-5981. Speak to the representatives and get your queries resolved.

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