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How to Activate USBank ReliaCard:

ReliaCard is a Visa or Mastercard prepaid debit card, which is issued by U.S. Bank. Your funds will automatically be directly deposited into your card account. You can access your funds whenever you want and you can use your funds to make a purchase, get cash, or pay bills.

Benefits of ReliaCard:

These are the following benefits that you will get with your ReliaCard:

  • You can use your card anywhere Visa or Mastercard debit cards are accepted. You can use your card in stores, over the phone, or online.
  • You will get a text and email alert when money is added or your card balance gets low.
  • If lost or stolen, your funds will be deposited onto a prepaid Visa or Mastercard. Your funds are protected on your card.
  • You can access complimentary cash at the point of sale and thousands of in-network ATMs.
  • Through the mobile banking app, you can check the account balance and transaction history. You have to download the U.S. Bank ReliaCard Mobile App on your device.

How to Activate USBank ReliaCard:

If you have to USBank ReliaCard, then you have to activate it. You can easily activate your prepaid card by following these simple instructions below:

  • Firstly, you need to click on this link www.usbankreliacard.com/card-activation.
  • Then, on the given field, you have to input the 16 digits of the card number.
  • After entering the card number, you just have to select the Continue button.


usbank reliacard activate


  • Then, you can simply follow the on-screen guideline to activate your USBank ReliaCard.

How to Create a ReliaCard User Account:

If you are a new user, then you must have to create a ReliaCard user account. To create a user account, you just have to follow these simple instructions below:

  • Firstly, you have to go to this link www.usbankreliacard.com.
  • There, under the login section, you have to select the Create User Account.


usbank reliacard create account


  • You have to provide your 16 digits card number on the given field.
  • After that, you just need to select the Continue button to create your bank account.

How to Check USBank ReliaCard Status:

If you are waiting for the ReliaCard to arrive, then you should check when the card was processed and mailed. To check the card status, you have to follow these instructions below:

  • Firstly, click on this link www.usbankreliacard.com/card-order-status-tracker.
  • You have to choose your program from the drop-down menu, provide your date of birth, and social security number.
  • After entering all the necessary details on the given spaces, select the Submit button.
  • Then, you can simply follow the on-screen guideline to check the ReliaCard status.

ReliaCard Contact Info:

If you want to report a lost or stolen card, or you have any questions about your account, you can contact the customer service department at 855.282.6161. It is toll-free and you can contact customer service 24/7.

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