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Bi Pet Rebates Card Activation and Apply Online

Boehringer Ingelheim provides healthcare services for both human and animals. The company is dedicated to the research and development of healthcare products and many more. If you have the prepaid card from Bi Pet which is from Boehringer Ingelheim, you need to activate the card.


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If you want to avail the boehringer ingelheim products and services, you need this card to manage your finances. So, you need to apply for this card first, and then you can activate the card.

Take a look at the application and activation process below.

About Bi Pet Rebates Card

When it comes to financing the dictum ‘’every drop counts’’ makes a lot of sense especially in the floundering economies of the COVID era. So, in an attempt to abate your financial predicaments a little, we will tell you all about the prepaid card offered by Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharmaceutical company that also specializes in Animal Health Products.


About Bi Pet Rebates


Now, you must be wondering that what is the connection between this seemingly isolated company and saving money. Well, the benefactor of this rebates card has realized the importance of pets in our lives and how nurturing them requires a considerable amount of spending, so they have released their Bi pet rebates cards which allows you to buy healthcare products from Boehringer Ingelheim brands consisting of Heartgard, NexGard, Metcam, Antilnol, etc.

Bi Pet Rebates Card Activation Requirements

To perfectly activate your card on you will need the following:

  • The Bi Pet Rebates card’s official webpage at
  • Purchase Date
  • Offer or a Coupon Code
  • Your Card Number’s first 6 digits.
  • The Social Security Administration’s allocated number (SSN)
  • Internet Explorer is a web browser.
  • You can operate a Home Computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • High-speed internet connection

How to Apply For Animal Health Rebate Prepaid Visa Card

  • Firstly, to apply for the BI Pet Rebates card, you will have to visit the website
  • Secondly, click on ‘’Continue’’ once you have entered the rebate offer code and purchase date.


Bi Pet Rebates Card Apply


  • Now, you will have to upload the photocopy of the receipt. This will act as proof that you have made the purchase. Remember any distorted image that you may send that would result in the failure of the application, so don’t forget to take a clear picture.
  • After you have taken the picture, upload it on the BI Pet Rebates After your proof of purchase and eligibility is verified, a Visa prepaid card will be mailed to you. Usually, it takes six to eight weeks to process the details, you have provided. So, you can expect your card to reach you after six to eight weeks.

How to Activate Bi Pet Rebates Card

After you have applied for the card, and after you have received it, you have to activate your BI Pet Rebates card, you will need to follow the below steps:

  • Once you are onto the site, you will be able to see a small box on the right side of your screen where you will now have to put in the first six digits of your card that you have just received.
  • Click on the Enter button.


BI Pet Rebates Card Activation


  • This will successfully activate be able to activate your BI Pet card via these simple steps.
  • However, there is another method through which you will be able to activate your card and that will be via phone.
  • Once you receive the card, there will be a sticker along with the number, which you will then have to call for the activation of your card.
  • Your call will be directed to an automated assistant, which will then ask you for some minor details.
  • After following all the prompts, your card will be activated within a matter of minutes.

Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Card Contact Help

If you are stuck activating or applying for the card at some point, you need to contact the help service. They are open from, Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

Check out the contact number below:

Contact Number: 888-637-4251.

Write to the company mentioning your concern to this address:

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.

3239 Satellite Blvd,Duluth, Georgie-30096.

Bi Pet Rebates Card FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

At The Time Of Submission, How Many Receipts Can I Submit On The Website?

At the time of application submission, you can upload total four receipts on the official website.

Why Tracking Number Is Crucial And Where Can I Find It?

After you have submitted the application, you will get the tracking number on the screen. This tracking number or your unique code will help you in checking the estimated arrival time of your card to your residential address. For any help, immediately contact the customer care.

What Can I Do When You Don’t Have A Copy Of Your Receipt?

If you haven’t received your receipt, you may get a reprint of the products that you have put through credit cards would contain the exact date of purchase. This will help get the reprint.


The rebate card is very useful when you get it. You can use it for the healthcare of your pets and farm animals. For this, you need to apply for the card and then activate it. While applying and activating the prepaid card, if you face any glitch, you can always get in touch with the support team. They will resolve your issue immediately, so you can apply and activate the card easily.

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