– How to Activate Victorias Secret Pink Credit Card Online

Victorias Secret Pink is one of the world’s most well-known lingerie brands. They also offers clothing, fragrances, and body care, has its own branded credit card—the Victoria card. This credit card works at the brand’s stores and website, and at sister companies PINK and Bath & Body Works. It has three tiers, depending on how much a cardholder spends each year, which carry different rewards and perks. As a cardholder you can earn one point for every dollar spent. This credit card mainly works best for those who regularly purchase the brand’s products. This card can be used for purchases online at or in person at a Victoria’s Secret or PINK store. This card also accepted at Bath & Body Works stores, although purchases there don’t earn any reward points.

Victorias secret pink Credit card features and benefits:

  • This card has three different reward tiers—basic, silver, and gold—that reflect the amount of money spent on a rolling 12-month period.
  • You can earn one point for each $1 of net new purchases on their Victoria’s Secret credit card.
  • After earing a certain number of points, the cardholder is upgraded to the next level.
  • Cardholder of basic Victoria card can earn triple points on all bra purchases, free shipping for qualified purchases (above $50), and one triple-point day of their choice.
  • They also get $10 on their birthday each year that the card is active and a $10 reward to use on future purchases.
  • Cardholders of Victoria silver card can earn 250 points on their Victoria’s Secret card in a rolling 12-month period.
  • They can also receive the same annual $10 reward and birthday treat, but accrue additional benefits: a half-birthday treat of $10 and a 15% discount on the anniversary of their sign-up.
  • Cardholder of Victoria Gold card can earn 500 points on their Victoria’s Secret credit card within a rolling 12-month period.
  • They will also get $15 birthday and half-birthday treats and a 20% anniversary discount.

Victorias secret pink Credit card Apply:

If you want to apply for Victorias secret pink Credit card then follow these simple steps to apply online.


victoria secret pink credit card apply


  • Then you will be redirected to a new website where you have to fill up a form.
  • Provide accurate informations about your employment and financial status.
  • You have to provide details like – Your First Name, Email Address, Create Password, Location etc.
  • Finally, you have to review the fees associated with the credit card of your choice.
  • Anyone can submit this application but the decision will depend on the applicant’s financial portfolio.

Eligibility for Applying Victorias secret pink Credit card:

Applicants need to satisfy the following requirements by the bank to become a successful Victorias secret pink Credit card holder.

  • Applicants must have a Secret Pink Credit card online account.
  • You must have a phone number.
  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age to use the service.
  • You must have a good credit (i.e. a score of at least 700) to get the Victorias Secret Pink Credit Card.
  • You must not been bankrupt or had an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or Debt Relief Order in the last six years.
  • You must not have any outstanding County Court Judgement (CCJ’s) in the last six years.
  • You must have proof of your current address.
  • You need to have a good record of paying bills on time.

Fees and Charges:

  • Variable annual percentage rate (APR): 24.99%5
  • Late fee: Up to $415
  • Returned payment fee: Up to $255
  • Grace period: 25 days

Victorias secret pink Credit card Activation:

  • Online method

You will need to have an online account first if you choose to activate your card online. But if you don’t have any online account then first sign up with details required i.e., bank account details, social security number and date of birth. Once you get online access, follow these steps to activate your card.

  • First you have to switch on your computer or laptop.
  • Then launch your browser.
  • Then you will need to type the activation link in the URL –
  • You have to click on the “Activate my card now” option if you are a new card holder.
  • Then another page will appear.
  • There the system will verify your details to “ensure that you are the only person with access to the account”.
  • There you have to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN, your birth details – MM/DD/YYYY and your “Account Number” in the given place.
  • Then you have to enter the “Security code” provided on the back of the card, a 3-digit code in case of Master Card or Visa Card. But in case of AMEX card the 4 digit will be on the front of your card.
  • Then you will need to specify your “Occupation” from the drop-down menu (Engineer/Scientist, Doctor/ Dentist/ Pharmacist, Accountant, Education, Clergy/ Pastor, Cashier/ Clerk/ Server, etc.)
  • After that you must clear on whether you are a US citizen.
  • For that you have to Click “Yes” or “No” to the question “Are you a United States Citizen?”.
  • Then press on the continue button.


victoria secret pink credit card activation


  • Finally, you have to Follow the onscreen guidelines to complete the card activation process.

Through phone call:

If you don’t have any Wi-Fi and still want to activate your card then you can follow these steps to activate your card.

  • First you have to switch on your Phone.
  • Then dial 1-800-695-9478.
  • You have to Follow the instructions to easily activate your Secret Pink credit card.
  • You can easily get the number from the “Contact Us” page if you have knowledge of internet.
  • For that you just need to Visit the homepage of Secret Pink credit card and select “Contact Us” option available there.
  • You have to be sure that you are calling Monday through Saturday (8 am to 9 pm EST).

Benefits of Online Banking:

You can have some great advantages if you have an online account in Victorias secret pink Credit card. You must check out these features before creating a Victorias Secret Pink Credit card online account.

  • With online banking you can check balances, transfer money and pay bills.
  • You will be able to view and download statements.
  • It will be easy to manage Direct Debits and standing orders.
  • You can view your debit card PIN.
  • You can easily report a lost or stolen card.

How to get online access to your credit card account:

  • First you need to visit the official page
  • Then you have to create Victoria’s Secret card account.
  • You have to provide Credit card account number Zip-code or postal code, Identification Type (Social Security Number or SSN), Last four (4) digits of SSN in the given place.
  • Finally, you have to tap on the option that says “Find My Account”.

Victorias secret pink Credit card Log In:

  • First you have to Launch your web browser (Chrome or Safari) on the laptop or computer.
  • Then you will need to navigate to
  • There you have to find for the option that says “Existing Customer?”.
  • Provide your last name, and either your Online Banking membership number, your card number or your sort code and account number to the mandatory fields given.
  • Click on ‘Next step’ option.
  • Then press the ‘Log in with passcode’ option there.
  • You have to be sure that the ‘Login details’ option is selected.
  • There you have to provide your passcode and the requested characters of your memorable word.
  • Then tap on the ‘Continue’ when you’re ready.
  • For an extra security check, you may be asked for your card details.
  • You have to type the one-time security code on your computer once you get it.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Log in to Online Banking’ to continue.

Victorias secret pink Credit card password recovery:

If you’ve forgotten any of your login details then don’t need to worry about. You need to follow these simple steps for resetting your user’s name or password.

  • First you have to visit the Victorias secret pink credit card
  • You have to find for the “Forgot Username or Password?” link.
  • You have to tap on it after finding the link.
  • A new page will appear.
  • Verify your account in that page.
  • You have to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN, DOB in the DD/ MM/ YYY format, and Account Number there in the given place.
  • Finally, you have to tap on the “Continue” button.
  • You can retrieve your username or password easily.

Victorias secret pink Credit card bill payment:

You can use the Victorias Seret Pink credit card official website for making a secret pink credit card payment online. You can also pay by phone, through the online website, by mail or at a branch. There you can also review your statements and account balance, can set up payment notifications and manage your card. There you can also choose how much to pay, when to pay it, and where the payment is coming from.

  • Online bill payment:

You’ll first need to set up online access and then log in through the site or app and set up a payment account like your savings or checking account.

  • First you have to Log in to your Victorias secret pink Credit card account online.
  • You will need to register for online account access first. For this you have to choose “Register” and provide your credit card number, ZIP code and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • After that you have to  log in to your account using the username and password you selected.
  • There you will have to choose “Payments” from the main navigation menu.
  • There you have to select “Make a Payment.” Option.
  • Then you will need to link an eligible checking or savings account from which to make payments.
  • You have to choose “Add a bank account” option there and provide your account details.
  • Then select a payment amount from the available options there and pay the minimum amount due, the full statement balance, the current statement balance, or enter another amount of your choosing.
  • You have to select a payment date, or simply select “pay now” to send your payment on the earliest date available.
  • Then choose a payment account from your available bank accounts.
  • After that tap on “Review and Verify” to confirm the details of your payment.
  • Finally tap on the “Pay now” to make your payment.
  • You can set a payment date, amount, and payment account to be used for each automatic payment through selecting a Repeat payment option.
  • If make your payment online before 6 p.m. on the due date, you won’t be charged a late fee.

Payment through mail:

If you want to use a check or money order but not cash, you can mail your payment in to Victorias Secret Pink credit card. You have to Put your card number on the memo or note field of your money order or check so the company applies it to the right account. You have to be sure to send it early enough that it will arrive by the due date. Mail it to

Comenity Bank-Victoria’s Secret
P.O. Box 659728
San Antonio, TX 78265.

  • Call In payment:

You can make a Victorias secret pink Credit card payment by phone using a checking or savings account which requires calling 800-695-9478 Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST to reach the cardholders’ services. You have to pay A $9 fee for activation through phone.

The system will prompt you to give the last four digits of the card you need to pay during call and will ask for the last four numbers of your Social Security number to check that you’re the right card member. Then you have to confirm the information, you’ll access a voice automated system that will tell you information about your account such as your payment due date and minimum payment.

Then tell the automated system you want to make a payment and follow the prompts to give a payment amount and date and provide the information for the account you want to use to make a payment. At the end of the call, you will get a payment confirmation number.

Getting Started with your Victorias secret pink Credit card:

For starting the use of your Victorias secret pink Credit card, you have to follow certain steps which are mentioned below. Check out these steps before activating your card.

  • First you have to activate your Victorias secret pink Credit card.
  • Then visit for set up online access. Or you have to call 1-800-695-9478.
  • You have to update any bill payment services for paying your credit card bill with your new account information.
  • You have to set up automatic bill payments for your account. Update online merchant accounts for storing your credit Card informations for expedited check outs as well as any digital wallets.
  • You have to manage your account online, set up repeat payments, enroll in paperless statements for viewing your cards feature and benefits.

Lock your Victorias secret pink Credit card:

You can instantly lock and unlock your Victorias secret pink Credit card if lost or misplaced to prevent it from being used for purchases from its mobile app. You will also be able to set transaction limits and even block certain purchases for yourself or authorized users with its Control your card feature. Victorias Secret Pink credit card will send you notifications through which you can monitor spending and catching fraudulent purchases as soon as they happen. You just have to follow these few simple steps.

  • Open your Victorias Secret Pink credit card official website.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • You have to select the card you want to freeze.
  • Then tap on the “Control Your Card” option.
  • After that press the “Lock or Unlock this card” option there.
  • You have to change the settings so that your card is in the locked position.
  • This will stop new purchases with the card, including cash advances.
  • But this will allow merchant-indicated recurring bill payments, returns, credits, dispute adjustments, payments, account fees, interest, and rewards redemptions.
  • You have to navigate back to the Secure Hold page and unlock your card to use your card again.

Customer Support:

For general concerns, there is a customer support which will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can contact the Customer Service phone number on the back of your credit card.


1-800-695-1788 (8a-9p EST. Mon-Sat). Automated system available 24 hours/day.

TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788



1-800-568-4288 (8a-2a EST)

Spanish: 1-800-474-7834 (9a-8:30p EST, Mon-Fri; 9:30a-6p, Sat)

For relay service, Please dial 711


English: 937-438-4197 (12p-6a UTC)



1-855-866-5810 (8a-12a EST)


1-866-315-3120 (8a -10p EST)


800-74-292 (8a-10p EST)


182-1212 (8a-10p EST)



937-438-4197 (8a-10p EST)


Victoria’s Secret
North American Office
P.O. Box 16589
Columbus, Ohio 43216- 6589


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